At Wiraco, we work diligently to build long-term, meaningful relationships with our customers. Our goal is for each customer to be successful in the operation of their facility, to improve process efficiency, reduce operating costs, and run sustainable water treatment programs.

Partnering with our customers means exceeding their expectations at every opportunity. We have satisfied customers throughout all the industries we serve.

Here are a few examples of the highly-valued customers we partner with:

No. Customer Name Project Name
1 PT Dankos Laboratories Purified Water Piping system 500 Meter
2 PT Indofarma Sand Filter – Cation – Anion cap 30 m3 /h
3 PT Panca Mandiri Essencia – SWRO and Demin Plant cap 20 m3 /h
– WWTP cap 240 m3 /h
4 PT Pertamina EP Region Sumatera – Sand Filter cap 2 x 65 m3 /h Field Jambi
– Sand Filter cap 2 x 65 m3 /h field Lirik Riau
5 PT Meprofarm Electrodeionization System cap 2.5 m3 /h
6 PT Aje Group Indonesia WWTP cap 100 m3 /h
7 PT Hexpharm Jaya Laboratories PW Generation System cap 2 m3 /h
8 PT Dipa Pharmalab Intersains – PW Generation System cap 1000 L/h
– Looping System 500 Meter SS316L ASME BPE
9 PT Lapi Laboratories PW Generation System cap 250 L/h
10 PT Indotirta Jaya Abadi Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System cap 30 m3 /h
11 PT Erela PW Generation and Distribution System cap 2.5 m3 /h
12 PT Pertamina EP Ubep Limau Media Filter Modification at SP Belimbing, SP III, SP XI
13 PT Pertamina EP Ubep Jambi – Sand Filter 7500 BLPD Field Setiti
– Sand Filter 7500 BLPD Field Ketaling Barat
14 PT Pertamina EP Ubep Tanjung Sand Filter 5000 BLPD
15 PT Dwi Prima Engineering Ultra Filtration System 20 m3 /h
16 PT Nicholas Laboratories PW Generation and Distribution System cap 1000 LPH
17 PT Puspa Pharma PW Generation and Distribution System cap 1000 L/h
18 PT Ifars Pharmaceutical Laboratories Installation of Looping Purified Water in Beta Laktam Penicillin Building
19 PT Utama Jaya Tehnik – Sand Filter and Carbon Filter 18 m3 /h
– Sand Filter and Carbon Filter 9 m3 /h
20 PT Lapi Laboratories Installation of User Point Looping Purified Water in Probiotik
21 PT Krakatau Engineering Chemical Injection System 3 x 48 L/h
22 PT Tirtamas Lestari Water Ionizer System (Alkaline Water) 7000 L/h
23 PT Hale International Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis System 35 m3 /h
24 PT Hexpharm Jaya Laboratories E-cell MK3 Mini Pharma HT
25 PT Inti Mega Utama (Martina Berto) – Reverse Osmosis and Distribution System cap 12 m3 /h
– Orbital Welding, Boroscope Inspection Test and Passivation Test
– Ferrolite Filter System and Softener Filter System Volume 700 L
26 PT Tri Banyan Tirta Water Ionizer System (Alkaline Water) 7000 L/h
27 PT Takeda Indonesia E-cell MK3 Mini Pharma HT Cap 1000 LPH
28 PT Delapan Bintang Baswara Ultrafiltration Cap 60M3/H, Reverse Osmosis 5 M3/H, Storage & Distribution System
29 PT Akashawira International – Reverse Osmosis EDI system Cap 2000 L/hour
– Reverse Osmosis system Cap 20M3/hour
30 PT Milko Ultrafiltration System Cap 20M3/hour
31 PT Tri Banyan Tirta Alkaline Water Machine Cap 3.5 M3/hour
32 PT Delapan Bintang Baswara Ultrafiltration-Reverse Osmosis Cap 60 M3/H
33 PT Padi Hijau Buana Reverse Osmosis-EDI system Cap 1000 LPH
34 PT Paramitra Bangun Persana – (For Sinarmas Agrobusiness & Food) Storage Tank & Piping System

  • 5000 MT CPO Tank
  • 3000 MT Glycerin Tank
  • 3000 MT NaOH Tank
  • 6000 meter 8” Pipe sch 10
35 PT Badak LNG (Start-Up & Commissioning) RO-EDI Cap 75 M3/hour
36 PT Kalbio (under Tellstar & Netzsch) Piping and Loop Sistem
37 PT Gallenium Piping and Loop Sistem